Privacy Notice
Due to the fact of visiting the website, the website www.english.hun2cn.com managed by Zsolt Törzsök (hereinafter the Operator) may use data storage and data management in the visitors' terminal equipment to identify the visitor, facilitate further visits, advertise targeted and other targeted content. and market research. In order to use cookies, the visitor must always give his / her consent in addition to the information text “This website uses cookies” on the website, by activating the “I understand” icon provided to express this consent.

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When using the website, certain user data is automatically managed by the Operator. These are the following data:

a) Certain data of the User's device providing connection to the website via an open network;

b) IP address used by the User.

The sole purpose of the management of this data is to provide the Operator with access to website traffic data and to be able to properly detect and log any errors that may occur in connection with the website, as well as attempted attacks. The legal basis for such data management is, on the one hand, the consent of the visitors and, on the other hand, the protection of the legitimate interests of the Operator. The Operator fulfills the information on data management by publishing the content of this subsection on the website, and the visitors give their acknowledgment and consent to the Operator by visiting the website as implied behavior.

Duration of data processing according to the above: 10 years from the recording of the personal data by the Operator.